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Raechelle V. from San Jose, CA wrote:


I called late in the evening on a Sunday when I realized my washing machine was leaking. I have a stackable unit in a condo and Richard was very responsive. He and Randy came out the very next morning, on time within the window they gave, and took a look at the unit. They opened it up, asked me some questions about what we were washing, explained to me what the problem likely was, ran it a few times and ascertained where it was leaking and why. They were very knowledgeable, very polite and personable, and I was glad I had called them. Turns out I will need a plumber to snake the drain, go figure, but at least I know now what the problem is and can fix it. I paid with a check for an hour of two people’s time, and I felt it was a reasonable price for what I got. I recommend them!


D.B. from San Jose, CA wrote:


I had a 70’s era Double Wall Stove which another vendor had mis-diagnosed, and Richard arrived- on time and as agreed to-, diagnosed the actual problem and promptly resolved the issue.  He fully answered any question I had.  Pro-bono, he removed the Doors of the oven- which I then had sanded and painted- and returned weeks later to re-install the doors.  Richard is personable and gave me some great tips on a Dishwasher I had just purchased, as well as other pertinent information.

All in all, a great experience- I highly recommend Richard and everyone over at Appliance, Repair and Maintenance.


Judie N. from Santa Clara, CA wrote:


Richard was recommended to us by the handyman we hired to fix our dishwasher and toilets. Richard answers the phone promptly and was very forthcoming with information. He was honest to let us know that fixing the dishwasher was probably not as cost effective as purchasing a new one. He didn’t charge us for the initial estimate when he first came out to check on the problem. Upon closer inspection on the second visit he noticed more problems. It was then he told us to think about purchasing before spending the money to fix. We paid for that visit. They were so nice to come out on a stormy afternoon. Although I hope I won’t have any problems with my appliances, but if I do, I’ll most likely call Richard again.


Ray D. from Mountain View, CA wrote:


Our heat went out on a Wednesday evening. I called Richard and he said he would be out the next day between 11-1. He showed up on time and was able to diagnose the issue with the heat (bad gas valve) within 30 minutes. And he was able to get the replacement part and install it before dinner time. Heat and the holidays (with company staying over) were saved. And his prices were readable. I highly recommend ARM Repair.


Laurie B. from San Jose, CA wrote:


Jose was timely, professional, and honest. He repaired an old oven, replacing necessary parts, and was concerned about safety issues and disabled child. I recommend Jose because he is efficient and honest.


Naz K. from San Jose, CA wrote:


Thank you so much for your help.. He was really prompt…. Great service
I have called him twice for two different services everytime he did a great job!!


L.S. from Santa Clara, CA wrote:


**LOVE** ARM Repair Services!!! As usual, they did a fantastic job on our refrigerator – our garage one!  We have had other appliances through the years in need of repair, and every appliance that had a problem was fixed by ARM Repair – fantastic job!!  The only appliance we had replaced in the last year was a wash machine – when ARM Repair came out to troubleshoot, they said the wash machine had some major issues and that it would be cheaper to replace than repair; the repair would have required basically an overhaul of the unit which it wasn’t worth (an 11 year old machine & we have lots of doggies – the tech showed us inside the machine, & how much doggie hair had accumulated)!  Really appreciate their honesty and being straight-forward.

I would HIGHLY recommend ARM Repair – very professional, honest and on-time!  I feel the need to say – because I’m really surprised at one of the posts – that I have used and referred ARM Repair to many of my friends, and never had a problem or complaint from any of them; they loved them!  And, looking at the majority of reviews on Yelp about ARM Repair, they have good reviews!  So, for the one individual who gave a “1 Star” – I wonder how easy that person is to work with and is this individual just ‘complaining’?? I find it odd that this person’s “regular repair guy” wasn’t very helpful either. Hmmmm….


B.J. from Campbell, CA wrote:


I called Richard on a Thursday evening at about 6:30 PM in desperation because my refrigerator wasn’t cooling and our food was starting to spoil. He answered his phone and to my surprise said that he would be by in about an hour. He showed up, assessed the situation and said he would have to get a part and would be back in the morning.
He showed up the next morning and took his time to carefully repair our fridge.
The greatest thing about Richard is that he is hard working and I feel as though I gained a friend. He loved to talk about his family and shared engaging stories about his kids and wife which whom he was very proud of. I will proudly recommend Richard to my friends and family.


Timothy A. from San Jose, CA wrote:


Called and told him the problem I was having and diagnose the problem over the phone.  Thanks Richard


Jenn T. from San Jose, CA wrote:


I called Richard last Tuesday and he put me on his schedule for the following day at 11a! Randy (his employee/coworker) called me later that same night (Tuesday) and asked if I had availability for him to come earlier on Wednesday. Randy showed up, walked me through how to disassemble my dryer, check for lint built up, how to do routine maintance, and he had the part to fix my dryer on hand! Are you kidding me??? No lead time to order parts and come back?? I was so thrilled!!! Turns out the fuse that turns the gas on blew and Randy fixed it within 20 minutes.

He also took the time to walk me through washing machine maintanence, and showed me where in my washing machine to check for mold/mildew (which was present, and I would have NEVER SEEN it under the rubber seal of the front door!) He also discussed with me how to do maintanence cleaning for my washing machine to cut down on that gross mold/mildew!

I would highly recommend these guys! To summarize,
1) I got a next day appointment
2) My appointment got moved up 2 hours earlier
3) They had the part on hand!!! Fixed while there!!!
4) Discussed in detail how to do routine maintanence cleaning on BOTH my washer and Dryer (when I had only called for repair on my dryer).

Randy was such a nice guy!


Scott B. from San Jose, CA wrote:


I called Richard on Friday afternoon with a broken Maytag drier and a backlog of damp laundry, Randy was out first thing the next morning, and all was fixed and humming by 10 am. Plus, some great maintenance tips from Randy. Thanks guys, you go into my home-help list of repeat repair teams.


Pattie C. from San Jose, CA wrote:


I am not generally one to jump on YELP and sing someone’s praises but I am so enthusiastically pleased with the over-the-top service from Richard/Appliance Repair and Maintenance. He was prompt and knowledgeable, and gave me lots of tips for how to make my appliances work better and last longer. Plus, he could have sold me a whole new expensive part for my fridge. Instead offered me a choice between that and a very low-tech solution that served me just fine. He will definitely be the first guy I call next time!


Lucinda D. from San Jose, CA wrote:

Great service! Our Maytag Neptune was working but not going into the spin cycle. I called ARM and Randy came out this morning. He was very professional and within 5 minutes had isolated the issue and thoroughly explained what was going on with our washer. His advice was straight forward, practical and helpful. In the end it would cost too much to repair our machine so we are buying a new one. Randy also suggested some places where we could find cheaper appliances. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for appliance repair. Honest, straight forward and fast.


Paul S. from Saratoga, CA Wrote:

Our refrigerator stopped refrigerating. Being the handy kind of guy I am, I isolated the issue down to what seemed like a bad compressor. In most refrigerators (ours is a Maytag Mtb1956gew) a bad compressor means it is not worth repairing. I called ARM just to be sure. The man who answered told me that if I am so inclined, I should get a compressor relay and replace the one that is in the fridge to see if it is that. This is a less expensive part ($40 online). If it doesn’t fix it, then give up because it is not worth replacing the compressor. Wow! Super helpful. Most folks would want to wring out the service call from this, but he was helpful and straight with me instead. Next time I have an appliance issue, I will just go with them from the outset.


Mel H. from Miltpitas, CA wrote:

Great job! I have a warranty from Sears but when I called them they said it would take two weeks to get an appointment to get my refrigerator fixed. Finally Sears gave me authorization to find another company. I called ARM and Richard came out within 2 hours. They found the problem and fixed it right away. Friendly and fast service. Richard also had to call Sears twice to get them to finish the authorization. I couldn’t ask for more. Awesome!


Jason V. from San Jose, CA wrote:

Wow. It doesn’t get much better than this: 1) Our Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washing machine stopped working last night 2) This morning I called ARM and left a message at 7:30am. 3) At around 8:15am, Richard called me back and said a technician would be on site by around 10am. 4) At 9:15am Randy called and by 9:30am he was on site and set to work. 5) 45 minutes later he had my machine completely torn down, and found tons of junk clogging up our pump! (Note to self: empty those pockets before throwing those pants in the wash!!) 6) He determined the pump hadn’t burned out and didn’t need replacing (good thing, that… those suckers are several hundred dollars). 7) By 10:30am everything was back together and the washer was happily washing away. 8) And all this for… $145. Talk about money well spent! For the record, we’d called Sears last night and set their earliest appointment, for Tuesday next week. They quoted $85 just to walk in the door. Who knows what they’d have charged/tried to replace once they got here. This was our first experience with ARM, and it won’t be our last. They’ve earned our future business and are now our go-to guys for anything appliance/HVAC related. Thank you very much ARM!